Dance is a beneficial form of exercise.

During the summer, there's ample opportunity for exercising while enjoying the great outdoors. You can hike hill and mountain trails, jog through the park, swim in your pool and more. When winter rolls in, however, you may find it more difficult to stay physically active outside due to icy conditionsContinue Reading

McKel (Hill) Kooienga

How can I stay accountable? Mastering accountability will help you to stay on top of deadlines, reach your goals and truly value your word. What Is Accountability? Think about all of the times you’ve made a decision, a choice or even a promise to yourself. Maybe you’ve decided to takeContinue Reading

Gestational diabetes, a condition among pregnant women, is on the rise.

Conceiving a child and giving birth is one of God's greatest miracles. Starting a family is a major milestone and exciting time for many. However, as with any health-related event, pregnancy can come with questions and medical concerns. In recent years, a condition known as gestational diabetes, or GDM accordingContinue Reading

How to make a behavior change?

How can we break those pesky old habits? And how do we make our new habits stick? Here you’ll learn how to make a behavior change. When you’re looking to make a significant lifestyle adjustment, mastering the art of behavior change can be the key to your success. We’re allContinue Reading

The Raw Food Diet Can Change Your Life

The raw food diet can be a powerful tool for transformation. When our daily routines become predictable we can start to lose the feeling of magic in our lives. I am sure you have noticed the difference in your energy levels on a Monday morning, when you have to goContinue Reading

7 Reasons You’re Struggling to Lose Weight

Exercising and eating right but still can’t lose weight?  I hear this a lot from women in my practice.  It’s likely that your body is busy working on something deeper going on inside. Instead of restricting calories, pushing yourself harder on the treadmill, or upping your reps at the squatContinue Reading

A primarily raw, plant-based diet can help you lose excess weight.

You've always wanted to change your life and follow a primarily raw diet, but you've also come up with plenty of reasons – also known as excuses – not to. Whether you've promised to start Monday, at the beginning of the new year or after your next birthday, it's timeContinue Reading

Buffalo Tempeh Bowl

Why is it so hard to break old habits? Why is motivation never enough? We’re talking all about the process of behavior change. Behavior Change You know all the facts; you’ve read all about healthy fats, you know how to find added sugar on a nutrition label and know all theContinue Reading