5 Common Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss, thinning hair, and male or female pattern baldness are no fun!  It can happen to anyone, at any time, and there are numerous potential causes. If you know me, then you know that I like to investigate the root cause of symptoms and not just manage them.  TheContinue Reading

Consider alternative methods of breast cancer screening.

Last year, we delivered a two-part series that explored the dangers of mammograms, alternative methods for cancer detection and the potential of breast thermography. Though the nation's top health institutes continue to recommend annual mammograms as the best prevention method against breast cancer, a number of leading natural doctors continue to argueContinue Reading

dairy-free calcium

Got milk? Despite what advertisers would like to have you believe, there are plenty of dairy-free calcium sources out there that can help promote better bone health. Thanks to the classic marketing campaigns and catchy slogans that have blasted on our televisions and radios for years, most of us haveContinue Reading


  The vegan diet and the keto diet may seem like complete opposites at first. The first one is based primarily on carb-rich plant foods, the latter seems to rely heavily on fat-rich animal products. So, can a vegan keto diet even be possible or are we looking at anContinue Reading

Use fresh broccoli to make this delicious entree!

Christmas is only a few weeks away! Have you created your list of entrees you'll serve at the family get-together? If not, don't stress. We've come up with a delicious, primarily raw and plant-based menu you can prepare for everyone. Just use the tips Rhonda Malkmus provided during last week's holiday-themedContinue Reading