10 Habits For Healthy Moms

Learn these 10 habits for healthy moms because taking care of yourself is important too. Maintaining good health as a mom is essential, after all, we can’t take care of anyone else if we aren’t in good shape ourselves! Being a healthy mom has two parts, minding your own healthContinue Reading

How I Finally Cleared My Acne

I spent over 25 years hating my skin.  Want to find out how I finally cleared my acne?  Lets first talk about when my trouble began.  It all started during puberty when my hormones started to change.  My diet didn’t help either – it was terrible.  I was a sugarContinue Reading

Dance is a beneficial form of exercise.

During the summer, there's ample opportunity for exercising while enjoying the great outdoors. You can hike hill and mountain trails, jog through the park, swim in your pool and more. When winter rolls in, however, you may find it more difficult to stay physically active outside due to icy conditionsContinue Reading

McKel (Hill) Kooienga

How can I stay accountable? Mastering accountability will help you to stay on top of deadlines, reach your goals and truly value your word. What Is Accountability? Think about all of the times you’ve made a decision, a choice or even a promise to yourself. Maybe you’ve decided to takeContinue Reading