When talking about Ketodiet we have overheard the term ketosis. So in this article, we will hugely explain how ketosis works and the benefits of ketosis for our body. First of all, ketosis is a natural phenomenon that occurs in the body and also that is actually helpful in losing excessive fat from the body but the fat loss occurs only when the body has reached a state of ketosis. In order to reach a state of ketosis follow these tips.

Low Carb Meal

If you want to reach the ketosis state then the easiest way to reach it is by consuming a meal that is low in carbohydrates. It is scientifically proven that a body uses carbohydrates as the main source of energy however it can be altered by consuming less carb thus allowing the body to use fat as the energy instead of carbs.

Physical Activity/Workout

Losing fat can be also be achieved easily when it is combined with low carbs and more physical activities. In other words, physical exercises can get you into ketosis faster because it depletes the levels of glucose. However, the body will be fatigued if prolong exercise is carried out.

Consume More Fat

To speed up the ketones it is more to consume the right amounts of fats. If you are not aware of fats, there are two kinds of fats that are available. Good Fat and Bad Fat. Good fat lowers cholesterol levels and bad fats increase the level of cholesterol. It is advised to include about 70 – 80% of fats in your diet. If you are want to include good fats, you should consider foods like avocados, butter, ghee, coconut oil(MCT oil), salmon, etc.

Take A Test For Ketosis

If you want to know if you are in the state of ketosis it is recommended to take a test to track your progress. If the test is positive then you can continue with your diet and low carb and high-fat diets.


Ketones are basically a state where the body starts to use fats as its main source of energy instead of carbohydrates. As we know that having higher levels of fats can be harmful to the body and can cause many diseases like diabetics, obesity and cardiac arrest.